Bank Rule and Account receivable/payable

First of all, i love the new banking rules. But when i import a Bank Statement i would like to create a bank rule that would automatically allocate to the accounts receivable or payable (and ideally against a certain customer/supplier account). For the moment the only thing i can find is sales, i can work with it but there is no purchases account. Any thoughts?

Bank rules are very early stage but yes, it will be possible to automatically allocate payments and receipts against invoices, customers or suppliers. It will be also possible to use bank rules to clear uncleared deposits or uncleared payments etc.

Also bank rules are not very user friendly yet. For example you should be able to apply bank rules on already imported transactions too but this hasn’t been implemented yet.

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Great News! Thanks alot. As for the for the already imported transactions, i found a way around it, after i create a rule, i import a statement that contains nothing but the last transaction, no double entries and all the old imported transactions gets adjusted to new rule.