Bank Reconciliation Tab - Batch create and update

Dear @lubos,

following the creation of the new reconciliation tab, how about adding the possibility to batch create and update the values?


I’m not sure that would work when there are discrepancies in reconciliation, because the program forces you through the identification process, which does not depend on a single number.

I didn’t mean to have the whole reconciliation process through batch create but just to import a list of values… date, bank account and values. I’m in a situation where I have 20 bank accounts and I do reconciliation every month. I can export values throughout bank website so it would speed up my process a lot.

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I can see how that might work. Is your idea that if the values entered did not produce satisfactory reconciliation, you would then go through the full process for that bank account?

Yes… you import the values, you will have the list with some red flagged lines, you’ll open the red lines and you’ll follow the reconciliation process.

Moved to ideas.


Added to the latest version (20.8.43)


Thanks. A great time saving on our side.