Batch Create Update Bank Reconciliations

Having many bank accounts on different companies and doing bank reconciliation every opening of the week, I think that it would be great if @lubos could implement a batch routine as seen in many other sections.


How would you see this working? How would the reconciliation proceed when two bank accounts have completely separate problems? And if your reference to “different companies” means in different businesses, why would you ever want to perform batch operations affecting different businesses at the same time? Or perhaps you meant the bank accounts were in different financial institutions, but within the same business?

Hi @tut,

First of all forget my posting of different company. It was just a statement that reconciling 5 funds with even 20 bank accounts generated a lot of work, ie 100 inputs of dates and of bank balances.

That said I imagine the possibility to import for each business one table with these columns 1) reference to the bank accounts 2) date of reference 3) balance at that date.

I am trying to imagine the scenario. I understand your suggestion about putting in a group of dates and balances. But what would happen when one account does not reconcile? Currently, the program can lead you down a long path of entering balances on other dates, checking transactions, etc. I cannot foresee how problems would be resolved during a batch reconciliation.

Hi @tut,

Maybe I didn’t explain it very well…

I don’t suggest a batch reconciliation but only a batch import or update of the list of bank balances at reference dates. All the other steps will and must remain the same. It should have no impact on the workflow of guys that don’t want or don’t need this addition option.

The actual workflow to add more than a bank balance implies to click on the reconciliation date on the side of the list of bank accounts, click on add, insert date and value, save, return to the list of bank accounts and start again… uploading a list of three columns is so much faster.


it is helpful to have the ability to enter the balances once a time or to do the batch create and update for the bank reconciliation balances

@lubos how about putting this into ideas?