IDEAS - Bank Reconciliations - Batch Create / Batch Update

As in the object. Since I have many bank accounts it would be great if @lubos enables batch create and update of bank reconciliations.


I do not believe that would be feasible. A bank reconciliation is not a straightforward transaction like a sales invoice or a record like a supplier definition. It is an entire process. You cannot complete it just by filing in the three fields of date, bank account, and statement balance.

Maybe I didn’t explain my needs well. What I want is to have to possibility to upload an excel extract with all the statement balances at a certain date. Not to do the whole reconciliation.

It would be a simple table of three columns:
Date - Bank Account - Statement balance

Of course for bank accounts we will need to insert the internal ID as all the other batch operations

Currently, Bank Reconciliations are the result of an internal Manager “audit” process.
Therefore are unsure how an uploaded list could activate this “audit” process which results in a reconciliation “Status”.

That is, when you use other Tab batch processes they just update a listings, they don’t trigger a secondary process.

I try to explain it better. In one of my business I have 17 bank account on which I do a reconciliation every week. So, every monday, I have to open the Bank Reconciliation Tab and create 17 new insertions of statement balances through the form:


Given that I can export in Excel from my bank website the three data that I need to compile by hand this form, Batch Create would save me a lot of time and from possible errors.

I understood what you want to do, @Davide. The problem is that the program would have difficulty implementing a batch process if the entries in the batch could lead elsewhere. What would happen if you had a mistake in your records, for example, reversing two numbers in a receipt amount? Your bank numbers will most likely be correct, but your Manager records will be wrong. A bank reconciliation would immediately dump you into the sometimes laborious effort of finding and correcting the error(s). But for which of the 17 bank accounts? And what happens if there are errors in more than one of your bank account records in Manager? Where should the program take you?

The point of batch operations is to enter them and be done, not trigger a possible cascade of other actions. While software could certainly be written to do what you ask, the potential to leave users wandering in the wilderness of the reconciliation process is high. I think that is probably why the capability was not provided.

I understand perfectly what you are saying but I still don’t see any difference in inserting 17 lines by hand by pushing “create & add another” or by importing them from Excel.

You see the results in both of cases when you return to the main Bank Reconciliation landing pages.And in the manual one you are more prone to errors.

The difference is this, when entering by hand you have to click the “Create” button for Manager to initiate the Reconciliation process / report. If you import a list, how does any list entry imported cause the “Create” Button to be activated.

With any other Tab with lists, when you click the “Create” button you are merely adding an item to the list, you aren’t activating a secondary process like creating a Reconciliation Report.

Yes, you may have the Edit button next to the imported list item, but under Edit you can only “Update” an existing reconciliation, you can’t “Create” a reconciliation.

@Davide I see no logical problem with your idea.
The secondary report describe would be generated when clicking into the reconciliation in an identical manner as occurs when old reconciliations become incorrect when transactions are changed after a successful reconciliation has been completed.

The issue I’m less sure of is how many other Manager users would use such a facility. Your use case does seam rather extreme to me, but perhaps many others do a similar thing, and I’m just not aware of it.

I can’t imagine there are many companies that reconcile 17 bank accounts on a weekly basis

My businesses are all like this. I manage closed-end funds. They have many bank accounts since they are connect to each financing.

Don’t know how many other users will face this problem but maybe, since in the same form we have batch delete, it’s just a metter of enabling it and not a big work on the code. Only @lubos knows it.