Option for Receipt header of "Tax Invoice/Receipt"

When creating a receipt for a cash sale it is only possible to issue a receipt with a heading of “Receipt”.

However, to comply with Australian tax rules the heading needs to be “Tax Invoice/Receipt”.

At present, a workaround is used where a Custom Field has been created named “GST” and a drop down list with “Tax Invoice/Receipt” in the list. This is selected every time a cash sale receipt is issued and it displays in the lower left of the receipt. It is not possible to include this as a Form Default as it would also display when a payment is created and also when a receipt is issued for a customer invoice.

Often, when issuing a cash receipt, the selection of the Custom Field is overlooked and it is then necessary to amend and re-print the the receipt.

Is it possible to have “Tax Invoice/Receipt” header for all cash sale receipts?

Yeah, there are two concepts which need to be put into Manager to address this.

  • Ability to set form defaults for Receipt and Payment separately.
  • Ability to rename document title just like it’s already possible on quotes, invoices etc.
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This is my vote. We spend all money out of a credit card account and deposit all payments into a checking account. This would make our defaults work in our favor again instead of against us.

Added to the latest version (19.9.39)


I just upgraded to 19.9.46. I am not seeing separate form defaults for Payments and Receipts?

The only thing added was ability to change title. That was subject of this thread.

Thanks for the clarification Tut. Separate defaulting does not seem to be working. For example, I tried to set different values for the bank account default for receipts and payments. It doesn’t. Both receipts and payments transactions simply pick up the ‘last’ default set regardless of whether the form default appeared to on receipt or on payment at the time of saving the default. Likewise I have tried to set distinct default values for a custom field - same result. unless I am missing something (now release 19.9.47).

I suspect the problem is Manager does not interpret a “Receipt” transaction as a sale record nor a “Payment” transaction as a purchase record (it assumes credit line items are sales and debit line items are purchases).

Distinction between sale and purchase documents is only available when an invoice is used (however I agree this is a design error).

Thank you, but not sure I follow Patch.

By default when I enter a new receipt, I’d like to deposit it to Bank Account A whereas when I enter a new payment by default I like the funds to come from Bank Account B. (the receipt could be applied against customer AR or a GL account, the payment could be for an expense, an AP invoice or say to buy a fixed asset). The other side of the ‘Cash at Bank’ entry may or may not have anything to do with sales or purchases at all - none of the defaults I was trying to set were at the line level of the receipt or payment. Header level bank account and custom field only. Simply I don’t think the form defaults are really storing or applying separate values for receipt and payments as yet.

I see what you are trying to do now.
Manager v19.9.47 has separate Type “Receipt” / “Payment” form defaults for the “Custom title” field however all other fields use form default values common to “Receipts or Payments”, preventing you from achieving your desired settings.

I edited my previous post #7 to remove a misleading statement. I recalled that you could set different form defaults for receipts and payments by changing the transaction type and updating settings for each. I said then that I had not had time to verify the continued presence of that feature. Now I have, and as @alasdair reported, it is not present, nor was it ever.

I was remembering an article in the March 2019 newsletter about setting hidden form defaults, which is a different issue from separate form defaults:


So, for example, your form default for receipts and payments may not include a cash or bank account selection, but Pending status can still be set for bank accounts. When creating a new transaction, if a bank account is selected, the Pending option will appear instead of the default Cleared. @alasdair was completely correct that only the last default chosen is retained. This means, as he observed, that you cannot post receipts to one bank account and payments to another by default. It also means you cannot default one bank account to Cleared status and another to Pending. All bank accounts would have the most recently set default.