Option for Receipt header of "Tax Invoice/Receipt"


When creating a receipt for a cash sale it is only possible to issue a receipt with a heading of “Receipt”.

However, to comply with Australian tax rules the heading needs to be “Tax Invoice/Receipt”.

At present, a workaround is used where a Custom Field has been created named “GST” and a drop down list with “Tax Invoice/Receipt” in the list. This is selected every time a cash sale receipt is issued and it displays in the lower left of the receipt. It is not possible to include this as a Form Default as it would also display when a payment is created and also when a receipt is issued for a customer invoice.

Often, when issuing a cash receipt, the selection of the Custom Field is overlooked and it is then necessary to amend and re-print the the receipt.

Is it possible to have “Tax Invoice/Receipt” header for all cash sale receipts?


Yeah, there are two concepts which need to be put into Manager to address this.

  • Ability to set form defaults for Receipt and Payment separately.
  • Ability to rename document title just like it’s already possible on quotes, invoices etc.


Yes, that would solve the problem. Thanks @lubos


This is my vote. We spend all money out of a credit card account and deposit all payments into a checking account. This would make our defaults work in our favor again instead of against us.