Bank Receipt (Emailing)

I like to email receipts to customers. Somewhere along the line the heading on the Receipt email (when monies are entered against a bank account) now says ‘BANK RECEIPT’. From the perspective of email a receipt to a customer this doesn’t make much sense ‘Payment Receipt’ or ‘Receipt’ would be cleaner.

Any chance we could remove the work ‘Bank’ from ‘Bank Receipt’?

Manager uses the term Payment to refer to an outgoing payment, as for a purchase. The terms Bank and Cash were added to the former Payment and Receipt after separation of bank and cash transactions caused confusion. So I doubt you will see them disappear.

But, if you want to change the title, you can do that with a custom theme. You only need to modify one line of code. See the Guide: Manager Cloud.

When I enter a receipt I am recording a customers payment.

When I send a receipt for a customers payment (i.e my receipt) does it make sense to the customer (or you) that the document sent to them says Bank at the top of it?

When you receive a receipt from a supplier have you ever received one that said Bank receipt on it?

Please think about this in the context of a business form delivered to a customer.


I don’t disagree with your point of view, @alasdair. I was only expressing why it probably won’t change back.