Bank import for Rabobank

Is it possible to add bank import .csv file of the Dutch Rabobank?

I’m pretty sure Rabobank allows download bank transactions in MT940 format which Manager supports. Or am I wrong?

I can download only Rabobank .csv file to me and no MT940.

You can import CSV file into Manager but it must be in specific format such as having following columns:

  • Date
  • Payee
  • Reference
  • Description
  • Amount

Most likely, their CSV file will have different columns so you would need to manually adjust that. Are you sure you can’t get bank statement in MT940 format? Did you get in touch with the bank?

MT940 is provided for business accounts, not for private accounts.
I’m having trouble with the .csv file as well. Would you know an easy fix on how to quickly edit them?

Import the .csv file to Excel. Depending on you exact version of Excel and your operating system, you will have several options upon import. Once in Excel, edit as you wish.

so i get it in excel now…but not able to export it correctly so it will work with Manager.
Do you name the collums? What format should i export to?

Those are Excel questions that depend on your version. Check Excel Help.

@Tut i know how to work excel, but i was wondering in what exact format i need to export for it to work in Manager. Thanks for the help.

I am sorry. I have never done a CSV import. In fact, I stopped importing at all because I don’t like waiting for the transactions and found the work of allocation and reconciliation to be more than entering the transactions directly. But those are personal preferences.

Have a look at the bottom of

It shows what columns Manager expects when importing CSV file.