Bank account not linked to opening Balance or all transactions

I have established opining balance for my bank account and it shows up on the overview page. However my bank account seems totally unconnected to the opening balance.

Payments and receipts show in the bank account but not owner contributions or even the opening balance.

Am I doing something wrong?

Did you set up the Bank account correctly as outlined here
Have you used the Receipt and Payment forms to record all movements into and out of your bank accounts?

Post a screen image of a transaction which you believe is not being recorded correctly

That’s the problem. I’m not sure I set them up correctly. In my opening balance input sheet and in the overview they appear as just account numbers but when I click on them in the right left panel they also show the name I gave them. I wonder if I set them up as ordinary asset accounts and not as bank accounts - and how to correct that.

An example of transaction that does not register correctly is loan from owner to the company which does not seem to find its way into the bank account. I used the Journal to register this. Should not at least the opening balance show up in the bank account?

Setup proper bank accounts - you might have to re-enter the transactions

Delete the old transactions and account

Journal entries are NEVER used for Bank and Cash accounts

Thanks. I have done this and now everything seems to work, except my opening balance will still not feed into my bank account. So all the transactions ar reflected there but not the opening balance, So the bank account I established seems to be completely unlinked to my reporting system. I can’t seem to fix this so obviously I am doing something wrong.
Can’t help but feeling that I am making a very trivial but fundamental error in the set-up - something so stupid nobody suspects that it is possible to make this error - I am probably failing at something quite elementary.

Settings - Starting balances - click on Cash at Bank balance - Edit bank account and enter starting balance

This is explained here

The guides are excellent and show you how to carry out most transactions - so they should be your first port of call

Thank you for this. I have tried to follow instructions in the manuals to the letter but always seem to be stuck with the problem that my opening balance does not feed to the bank account I create in the panel on the left of the screen. There seems to be no link between those and the accounts I establish in the settings screen. So my opening balance shows up in the overview page, listed at the top of the panel on the left, (please not that account names have been translated into Icelandic and I may be using the wrong names for screens), but not in the bank accounts that I set up by selecting Bank Accounts in the panel and creating new. Neither do any transactions in the bank accounts show up in the overview sheet listed at the top of the panel, and thus the transactions to not feed into the program’s reporting, like income statement etc.

You need to post screen images of the various stages to get a better answer - hide any proprietary info if necessary

First, you cannot create a bank account that shows in the left navigation pane. Only functional tabs show there.

Second, bank accounts will be summarized on the Summary page under a control account named Cash at bank. To see individual bank balances, you must drill down on that account’s blue balance on the Summary page or click into the Bank Accounts tab in the left navigation pane.

Bank accounts are not created in the Settings tab. They are created within the Bank Accounts tab. See

As @Joe91 said, post screen shots. Upload them using the arrow Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 3.35.42 PM above the forum composing pane.