Chart of accounts

I have a problem i created the bank and treasury accounts in the chart but when i try to make a receipt it doesn’t appear there but appears in journal entries and if i created it from the bank and cach accounts if i tried to make journal entries the bank and treasury account will not appear there but appears in receipts and i have no idea what to do and what am i doing wrong

Welcome to the forum @Mido202

You need to setup your bank accounts in the Bank and Cash Accounts that you will have to enable it by clicking customize as illustrated below:

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 2.16.58 PM

Then you can follow this guide to setup your bank or cash account:

You first need to enable bank accounts, payments and receipts (customize button bottom left screen). The you use the tabs to create bank and cash accounts see Guides | Manager. In any case use the guides before posting questions here as it is all very basic.

Why? You don’t have to create any account. It’s all explained in the guides.

Thanks i will try and tell you what happened