Bank Accounts balance not visible

Hello, I am not able to see the balance in any of my bank accounts. What could be wrong?

Did you set up the bank accounts and enter bank account transactions?

I usually insert transactions. I use the Manager for 4 months.
In previous versions, the balance was being shown normally. Since the versions 14.2.17 and 14.2.20 no longer appears.

Hmm, could you send screenshot of what you see to Thanks.

In earlier version the cash and bank balance appeared normally in another column, but now I don’t see it and having difficulty. Please advice how could I make it appear.

Can you post some screenshot of where you expect to see something?

Actually I’ve just upgraded to Manager version 14.6.11 and it resolved this issue.

We have just updated to version 15.0.71 and the Bank Account screen no longer displays the Balance column on the right hand side of the screen. How do we get it back? Thanks

Please check the latest version (15.0.73)