Connect bankaccount to bookkeeping

I have used Manager for a few years now, and only recently found out, that you can download bankstatements into the program.
In my current account schedule I have an asset account for the Bank, against which payments and receivables were booked, manually.
The “import bank statements” feature works fine with my bank, on an .sta extension, and I get the statements into my receipts and payments without a problem, but the transactions do not connect to the original bank account.

Now, when I try to integrate the statements into the accounts, I do not seem to be able to connect the new bank account to the old assets, and I do not see the new bank account in the summary or balance sheet.

What is going wrong here?

Your post is a little confusing. It sounds like you may have originally created an ordinary account in your chart of accounts to represent your bank account. If so, you should have created it under the Bank Accounts tab as an actual bank account. (Depending on the date of your initial setup, there was also a period where cash and bank accounts were combined in a single, Cash Accounts, tab, with bank accounts being designated as maintained by a financial institution.)

The same is true today. To behave as a bank account and have all Manager’s bank account functionality, bank accounts must be set up as such. See the Guide: Set up a bank or cash account | Manager.

The imported transactions will be posted to the bank account for which they were imported. See Import bank statements | Manager. If, as I suspect, you originally set up your bank account incorrectly, they will never be connected. You would need to edit every receipt or payment so it is posted against the actual bank account, not some ordinary account you gave the name of the bank account.

Bank accounts are summarized under their control account, Cash at bank. If you have only one bank account, you might want to rename that account to match your single bank account.

Thanks, this clarifies the situation.

Hi Tut,

Even when it was confusing you understood perfectly what the problem was.

I have been using Manager for five years now, and it is of course not an option to redo all the accounts against which inland revenue has already decided.

So: I have solved the problem by posting the balance to the new account as a first receipt, and made the bookkeeping account redundant.

Thanks for your help anyway.

But: is there a way to show the new bank account under Cash in Assets in the balance sheet, instead of at the top without a heading?

Best regards Joost