Multiple cheque deposit in bank account import

I have some deposits for multiple cheques which have been imported when importing bank account transactions. I’m having trouble working out how to apply them to the correct customers. One bank deposit amount is $950 for example. This is from several customers whose individual cheques were for amounts ranging $55 - $200. I have these deposits parked in the suspense account. I’ve had no problem applying online payments made by customers individually to the correct people. I just can’t figure out how to split these larger cheque deposit amounts between several customers. Can you please give me a clue or two.

You really cannot split an imported transaction, because it came in as a single amount. The best thing is to delete the imported transaction and enter a Receive money transaction in its place with individual line items for each customer’s receipt. The total of the transaction will match the bank deposit amount, but each customer’s account will be properly credited.

Thanks heaps for your response. I didn’t really expect to hear back on a Sunday so thanks very much. This will be fine and at least now I know to stop looking for a way to split the amount.


@Tut surely that will will only work if there is only one customer per batch of cheques, as you can only select one Payer per Receipt.

If you have multiple customer cheques, but deposited in the bank in one go, so only one bank transaction, this will not credit each customer account… unless I am missing something?

I would create a new Cash Account called Undeposited Funds, and record the individual client cheques as received and allocated to this account. Then, when time to import the bank statement, you create a single matching transaction from Undeposited Funds to the bank account.

[quote=“Tut, post:2, topic:7438”]
enter a Receive money transaction in its place [/quote]

The imported transaction is already a Receive Money transaction - so just EDIT the imported transaction and enter the individual line items for each customer (as suggested) in place of the initial single line item.

Yes it will - as each Account line is allocated to each customer - which adds up to the deposit

However, if its important that you record reference numbers, then they have to be individually entered,


@Brucanna Thanks, That’s good to know… I didn’t realise you could select the AR and pick the customer there.

You’re right. I was thinking of the imported statement as a list, but I was being influenced by the categorization process. My bad.

When I have multiple-deposit transactions like this, I just list the Payer as “Various” and rely on the line items for customer information. In my view, the important thing is to have a transaction for which the total matches the amount deposited. Of course, we can only hope to frequently have the “trouble” of depositing many customers’ payments at a time. :slight_smile:

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I hear you… :slight_smile:

Thanks so much everyone for all this discussion. There is more than one good tip in there.