Balance sheet | Accounts Receivables/Payables Detailed Overview

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  1. Because of Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables are default accounts, there is no option to detalise it in balance sheet. Yes, you can click on the amount and detalisation wiil be there. Is there any way to make it detalised by customers/suppliers in balance sheet report?

  2. Is it possible to make AR/AP auto-transferrable. As soon as accounts receivables goes below zero - it automaticly transfers to payables.

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Q1. Yes, use custom control accounts

Why would you do this - I have never seen this done anywhere?

Q2. No, this is not possible

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As a newcomer to the Manager forum, please note that your first port of call before asking a question should be the guides. How to answer your q1 is explained in detail

Thanks a lot for your reply, I’ll look it in guides. Your question is referred to Q1 or Q2?

Q1 because Q2 is not possible

I’m going to do this for detailed information about balances with each of buyers/suppliers. Q2 have also resolved by journal entries from AR/AP to custom accounts at the end of the period and cancellation of it on first day of next period (ex. open account with customer and prepayments are more than invoiced goods, AR goes to minus value, because of this I need manualy change the position of this account as payables to this customer and put it to liabilities by journal entry).

You already have detailed information in the customers/suppliers tabs when clicking the blue amounts.

Yeah, if PC and Manager is somwhere near - it’s suitable. When printing for someone from manager - it would not be detailed. Consider it like my desire :slight_smile: .

Why wouldn’t it suddenly not be detailed? You could copy to clipboard, paste into Excel and print (so not 2022ish) or, even better, print the Customer Statements (Transactions) and/or Supplier Statements (Transactions) report.

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I understand such way of solving detalisation question, but in this way I need to recalculate total assets/liabilities. There is two ways how to solve it: custom accounts and excel + manually correction. The time for solving is +/- the same.

As long as you do not have 10s or 100s of customer/supplier this will work but otherwise your Balance Sheet will be more or less unreadable

Also, once the customer/supplier is used, they will continue to be listed in your chart of accounts forever. even long after you no longer do any business with them

A quick chat with your accountant will clarify this

I just changed “detalisation” in the topic title because I do not really know what it means. However I think that you meant to use" detailed overview" which is about getting more details.

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Am I correct is assuming you have external entities which are both customers and suppliers? So the report you are looking for shows all invoices with that entity?

If so you are correct that Manager has a work around for this situation but does not really support it. To do so the customer and supplier tables in Manager would need to be linked.

See this guide for current Manager options Offset simultaneous sales and purchase invoices | Manager

Hi! Not in this way. For example there is one customer with open account. He pays the prepayment. After payment this account is in payables to customers (liabilities). We have dispatched and invoiced goods for the total amount more than the prepayment amount. After this his actual balance in balance sheet is indicated as payables (liabilities) but with negative amount. It is incorrectm thats why I manually transfer the difference from liabilities to assets as account receivable from this customer.

@vdebrist from your last post it becomes clear that you are complicating things. @Joe91 advise in the next post is better so I deleted my input.