Balance due in Quote


I am basically using the Quote as a Proforma Invoice for my business.

As you know a proforma invoice is generally used by most business to get advance payments from a customer.

I have noticed that the quote does not display the “Balance due” and calculate the total including the previous balance due. This situation arises when a customer had made partial payment previously. So its practically necessary for our business to show the total payment to be made by the customer which includes the previous balance due and the to be billed invoice (which in this case is the quote).

@lubos Please update me the code i need to include in html to make this calculation possible. Instruction as to where to include the same will be an added help. :wink:

Thanks in advance.

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Manager’s Sales Quote, is an administration type document, not an accounting financial document, therefore just because you have renamed it to Proforma Invoice, doesn’t changed the document’s status.

If your customer has already made a previous partial payment based on an initial Proforma Invoice, then you shouldn’t be sending a “second” Proforma Invoice, so there is no need to see “balance due”.

You now need to send a Sales Invoice which will show the total payment due less any advance payment especially if there is any tax component included.

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I completely understand what you explained. I think i need to elaborate my difficulty a bit more.

The situation is I made a proforma invoice and the customer made partial payment (lets say 50% of the order). The sales invoice for the same was made and also the materials dispatched. Unlike POS, our business like most business give credit time like 30 days for customers. So when processing the next order from the same customer within this 30 days, the procedure is repeated by making the proforma invoice first and getting the 50% balance due payment and 50% payment of the new order.

In this case i will need the proforma invoice to show the previous balance due and the total amount to be paid including the balance due and value of new order irrespective of how much the customer would pay me.

I hope i have made the scenario clear.

I know its hard to implement the same as a default for the software due to its universal use. It would be helpful if i just get the html code to make it possible in my custom theme.

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Getting any sort of html code wont assist, as that only relates to form layout, it doesn’t give you access to the database. Have you considered using under Reports - Customer Statements.

@sharpdrivetek, you are asking for information about variables that are not a part of the quote form. No amount of manipulation (in Liquid, not HTML) will allow you to add balances due to a quote. You asked for similar things in another topic. Every available variable is used in the default theme.