Balance carried forward previous when making SOA for next month

Hello all ,
Iam not sure what I am doing wrong here ,
when even a customer pays an invoice by cash ,I close it as cash transaction , and no problem , invoice paid in full.
for other customers , that pay by check , I close it as bank transaction etc, for all the month with this client example Oct,
But when I want to send them the next month SOA transaction it keeps showing me balance brought forward
from previous month that clearly shows " Paid in Full" for each individual invoice that was paid.

Every month I would like to send the customer monthly transaction of invoices and balance due for

an ideas ? many thanks

First, if your version of Manager is still showing Cash Transactions and Bank Transactions tabs, you are hundreds of updates behind. Update your software.

Second, your question is not clear. There are two types of customer statements: Unpaid invoices and Transactions. Neither includes a “Paid in Full” notation. You see only unpaid invoices for the first, with remaining balance due. For the second, you see a list of debits and credits on the account. Please post a screen shot of what you are referring to.

thank you for your reply ! , It seems things worked out after updating the software
and was able to produce SOA , for unpaid invoices ,
the thing is how to know when there are updates , curious !
Tut thanks !

Monitor Only changes affecting users are posted. Interim updates generally just streamline internal workings of the program.