Balance brought forward amounts - customers

Several of the Balances that we Brought Forward at the end of 2019 when we started using Manager.IO, have suddenly appeared under “Suspense” on the Summary Page.

They seem to be requiring an “Account” under the 2nd Column, but we cannot understand why this is suddenly the case. For the whole of 2020, and until now, we have not had a problem with them.

We recently had to re-load Manager.IO onto another Server, and that seems to be when it happened.

I do hope you will be able to solve the mystery for us. Thank you very much !

You will get no help without providing more information. What version were you running on the old server? Which version on the new server? Show a screen shot of the Edit screen for one of the accounts. Also show a screen shot of the Edit screen for the related transaction in Suspense.

Also have you read about the changes to starting balances necessitated by elimination of the start date? See this topic: Start date no longer required. And see this recently revised Guide: Enter starting balances | Manager.

This is a Screenshot of the error that we are encountering.

We were using Manager.IO 2020 Version when we started up, and we are now using the current (latest) version.

When you enter unpaid invoices for establishing an opening balance for a customer or supplier, you must choose an account (usually an income or expenditure account) to post the line amount to.

Obviously as the invoice dates are before the start daye of your year, they will not affect your P & L for that year

When someone asks about the version number, they really want the full version number as there are 1000s of versions each year.

@JEN so you have item named 10 - Opening balance. When you edit this item, what account do you have set under this item? Can you show edit screen for this item?