Balance account receivable

hello guys i’m a bit new to this and need some help. i’m seeing a ( - ) amount at accounts receivable why is this? and how can i get it back to ( 0 ). I paid everything 1 by 1 so i really don’t know why it shows ( - ) and all my cash accounts has a + figure

A minus amount at Accounts Receivable means you have received more money then the value of the Sales Invoices. Did you manual Receive Money as well as import bank statement, that would duplicate the money to Accounts Receivable.

If you go to Reports - Aged Accounts Receivable and use dates from your start date until now you will see which customers have minus balances.

I do everything manually.but I’m seeing it on my purchases, on all my
vendors that use a different currency than my min currency

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You are confusing - your first post talks of Account Receivable, your second post talks of Purchases.
These are opposites

Sorry had to double check it’s actually both accounts receivable and

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Figured out the account receivable part but I still have problems with
accounts payable that has a different currency than my main currency

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