Backups not working

hi, I do backups every day. but i just noticed today that backups have stopped working. my last backup was dated Oct 20. it comes out as an exec file only.

i made some major changes to the file the other day and i wanted to reset. 6 days of transactions is already a lot of things to go back to. is there a way i can get those backup files? @lubos?

I have seen, backups are saved as ,zip not as .manager. file. WHY?
I saved my backups every times in my dropbox, so i uses it on more PCs, but now i must import a new .zip Backup, it is not so usefull.
greatings hanny

Backups still work. The backup file is now saved in a .zip format since the addition of the attachments capability with local storage.

Why don’t you store your live Manager data files to Dropbox, so when you start each PC and the files become in sync, then you can just open Manager and go without needing to “import backup”. This doesn’t change the need to keep separate backups.

To do this you need to change your Data Path under About Manager - but read this topic first - as you need to leave the “data” and “size” files in the original location appdata-manager folder.

However, if you wish to continue using your current process, then .Manager or .zip doesn’t change anything - just import backup as per normal - you don’t need to unzip first. BUT all PC’s must be kept on the same Edition of Manager as data files are not backwards compatible.

In the latest version (16.10.87), the backup extension is again .manager. Technically nothing is changing. It’s still in ZIP format but a lot of computers are configured to automatically unpack files with .zip extension which is not desirable.

Thx Brucanna, yes that is what i do. I have created a symlink to my Dropbox and if i change something it will be changed in the Dropbox automatic.
But now with the zip file is does not work.

Thx lubos to change it again, so it works again. Thx

thanks Lubos. I didn’t know it was a safari problem until you mentioned it.