Saving files

I may be totally stupid here but my saved data files have suddenly changed to .zip and are no longer .manager
when i do a back up it shows the following.

Can anyone help me understand what i have done.
It is the same when i select save file option…Help please

The backups are now zipped. This is because if you are using attachments, then zip file will contain your Manager data + all your attachments. Even if you are not using attachments, zip files are much smaller than original .manager file you would normally backup.

ok thanks but my .zip file is saying is does not recognise program to open it, even tho i have winzip on my machine. and will it open as a .manager file

Try to download the latest version of desktop edition from and try to import business by selecting the zip file. See if it works.

Ok that seems to work, so are you saying the zipped file will always open in manager without going thru the unzipping process. I do not understand how, and will this also work on the Cloud Edition?

Yeah, Manager will unzip the files for you and will put it into the right place.

oh brill, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, thought i was going barmy there for a moment.
Thanks again.:slight_smile:

Last week all my backups were as a .zip file now suddenly have changed back to .manager files . has something happened i did not notice or have I inadvertantly changed something my end. I am using cloud version by the way.

There was temporarily a time when the files were .zip. This was to accommodate local storage of attachments. But some operating systems automatically unzip .zip files, which was a problem. So they are now labeled as .manager again, although they are still actually .zip folders. As long as your system didn’t automatically unzip them, you can handle both.