hello sir
how can get a backup for everything
which include prices of materials

Your post was moved to it’s own topic since it wasn’t related to the original post.

Back to your question, yes, the backup function backs up everything in the database.

You can use the Backup button appearing in the top right corner of your screen.

For more info refer to this guide:

هذه الخاصية لم تنقل اصناف المخزون بالنسخة الاحتياطية
تم نقل المبيعات و المشتريات و كل شيء عدا اصناف المخزون

To get help, you need to post in english

Also, instead of posting a photograph of the screen, you should a tool to capture the screen and post the image eg Snipping Tool in Windows

hello sir
how can add email to my programm

Follow this guide exactly step by step Google Gmail | Manager