Multi user access and right to another system

We created the users (10) in cloud edition database, then took the backup and import it into other cloud version database and also in another server. But every time, when we try to shift the businesses database from one place to another, only the businesses transferred and the user’s access and rights were missing and didn’t transferred.

That is correct. Users and their permissions are registered at the account level, not the business level. The users you create under one cloud subscription do not exist for another cloud account or server installation.

@Tut thank you for reply, however it’s quite an issue as transfer of database may likely to occur from 1 system to another and if there are several users and rights defined than it’s very difficult that Manager removing the credentials from the system files.

@lubos kindly look into this as it’s creating the fiduciary issues about the great solution.

Manager does not remove any credentials from system files when you make a backup. As I said, the users and their permissions are associated with the cloud account or server installation where you create them. If you want the same users to be able to use another account, the administrator of that account must create them there.

I do not see what fiduciary issues could be involved.

It’s suggested to backup the user permission from server to cloud or server to cloud as it will facilitate the organization and save time and efforts.

@lubos your thoughts pls