Backup to email id

I am using Manager for more than 4 years. Everyday, I am taking backup which will be stored in the same machine (laptop). To avoid any data loss due to system crash, the backup file would be forwarded to my email id on regular interval.

It would be helpful if the facility to forward the backup file directly to any email id like the reports which can be send.

That, of course, is like having no backup at all. When—not if—your drive eventually fails, you will lose everything at once. Sending email attachments may not be any better, depending on your email setup. All your emails may be stored on the same machine.

You really should back up to a remote hard drive or cloud storage service. At a minimum, back up to a standalone flash drive. But remember they will eventually fail, too.

Maybe you could have a look at Duplicati. Allows you also to make a backup to your cloud like Onedrive, Googledrive and so on, and it is free. Please remember, One backup is No backup.