Auto Backup Function

Wondering if Manager would ever planned to get auto-backup function on board for cloud version or not? As we have few staff and new trainers using the system, one of the worst thing is what we did in manager cannot be undo and we can’t check back the log from the audit trail. (or i should says, we know which account perform what action, but can’t see which transaction which the users performed and what did the user perform, what is the previous records and updated records)
Hence, we hope to have auto backup function in future upgrades.

Please forgive my poor english.

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Maybe it could be implemented. Just keep in mind, no cloud-based accounting system to my knowledge (other than Manager) even offers user backups.

By the way, I do want to improve audit trail so you can see what exactly has been changed. That’s higher priority. Then maybe auto-backups too.

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looking forward for the improvement on the audit trail part

You can save backup file in the Google Drive. its easy and Simple way for now.