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Can i restore a backup file created in a windows manager in the mac manager version ?

Yes, as long as the mac edition is the same or later version then the windows edition and vice versa if switching back. Another option (if both have internet access) is to store the live file on a cloud service then the need to do backups as the transfer method is eliminated. Read the below extract.

"If you have a cloud service (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) then that means you have a cloud service folder on your computer. Create a folder within that folder called Manager and put your business files within that folder. Any file put into the cloud service folder will be duplicated to the cloud service.

So each time you close a business it will be duplicated to the cloud service as long as the internet is connected. This way you will have a save / backup of your business files.

If your computer has an issue that requires a rebuild / reformat, just recreate your Dropbox account and download the files from cloud service.

This doesn’t replace the need to do actual save / backups as well. You could create another folder in the Dropbox called Manager Backups and put them there so there is also duplicates of them. This backup folder should also be copied to an external device periodically."

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Thank you very much for the reply Brucanna

Can i restore a backup file created in a windows server edition manager in the windows desktop edition manager version ?