Backup Error

Hello frnz,

I am trying to take a backup of my file in Manager v16.12.11 but when i press Backup, error comes as " System.ArdumentException: The path is not a legal form"

What to do? Pls help

The first thing to do is update your software. You are literally more than 1,000 updates behind. If the problem persists, please answer these questions:

  1. Have you ever opened this business with a newer version of Manager?
  2. Have you ever changed the application data folder location?

What will happen if the data location is changed?

Manager will store your accounting data at the new location. If this is done correctly, everything will function normally. But if files are moved independently of the program and the application is launched repeatedly, you can end up with multiple, empty versions of a business and an orphan data folder the program cannot find.

I’m pretty sure this issue has been resolved long time ago. Upgrade to the latest version.