Average Cost Missing

Hi there everyone,
We are experiencing that the “average cost” of our items is missing.
We also see that the " Total Cost" of some items is not correct
( see the Blue highlighted ones).
Anyone can help us fix such a case

Why is the total cost not correct?

You need to show what, if any, transactions are not being included in the cost?


Drill down on the total cost of any of those items to see what causes this.

Average cost is calculated from total cost and quantity on hand. All your missing average costs are associated with zero total costs. So that is what you should expect.

The question is how you obtained items without recording their purchase.

mr @Tut , the system does not account for the “PURCHASE” invoice Costs - and that is the result. for example, Printer Cable 1.8m ( see previous post) shows 433 ( 500 purchased less 76 sold ) has a purchase unit cost of $0.5). So, total cost should be $216.5 instead of $44. - in a nutshell: there are no purchases whose costs been omitted from our end. Hope that clarifies everything.


What was that you showed?

Unless you show the full screen, it is impossible to know what you have displayed

Manager manages costs correctly, so if you want help to understand the results shown, you need to show aln the information we need to expnson the results

Hi @Joe91, the full screen seems not so necessary as long as my issue is self-explanatory. What I showed was a partial Purchase Invoice where its costs is not accounted for in the Total cost Calculation - I showed two sample items in question: Again, I repeat again my case via example : Printer Cable 1.8M of my inventory list does not show its Ending Total Cost of $216.5 ( QTY OH of 433 @ $0.5 ). instead it shows $44. ( Refer again my 1st Image).
If that doesn’t clarify anything what else will do so ?

Fine, I cannot say any more wirhout more detailed info


The point is that what you think is self-explanatory is not. We need to see the full Edit screen of a purchase invoice you think is not showing up correctly. Then we need to see the drill-down on that item from the Inventory Items tab.

We have only your word about this, no accounting information. In fact, the 1.8 m printer cable is one of the few items that does have an average cost. To know if that is correct, you must trace the entire history of the item, not just consider one purchase invoice.

The guide indicates:

In my example business it’s calculated by dividing the Total cost by Qty owned, which is different from Qty in stock/Qty on hand.

In @Burhania’s example this means that there are 100 units of Printer cable 1.8m, 25 units of SSD 512 SATA, 100 units of Enet Mouse Wireless (NOT wereless :wink:) and 50 units of Enet USB Mouse as Qty owned (= Qty on hand - Qty to deliver + Qty to receive). Can you check that @Burhania?

In this example the Qty to receive is negative, which to me is not correct. Those 110 units were received and accounted for by means of a Goods receipt note but there’s no supplier invoice.

After creating the supplier invoice from the Goods receipt note, the figures are as follows:

Hi @Tut
Below is both an item history and one purchase Invoice. Here, the item “3Pin power cable 1.5M Desktop” has a purchase history of 400 units ( 300+100). 49 units sold. OH units is now 351. Total Cost should be $24.50( 351 x $0.5 ) which is now Zero. In this company neither Qty to Deliver not Receive Tabs is used. i.e. Qty OH and QTY owned is the same.
If you need anything else, I can provide.
Thanks for your Support

You need to show the two purchase invoices so that we can calculate the value

I know you state the cost, but in the interest of completeness, please show the Purchase Invoices, thank you

I will then try to replicate your transactions and validate the inventory value in Manager

Also, you should drill down on the 0.00 value to see how it is calculated

By the way, what version are you using?

Here is the result of my tests - all perfect

and clicking on the value 175.50 gives me

I am using which is the latest one available for download

Are you using the Cloud edition?

What is displayed when you drill down on the 0.00 for the 3pin Power cable 1.8M Desktop?

No. If you bought all 400 units at the same cost of $0.50 per unit, your total cost should be $175.50.

You have not shown that, so we do not know if that is true. This is another case where what seems self-explanatory to you is not to others. Furthermore, you are asking for help tracking down something that is wrong, but which does not seem to affect other users. Therefore, the smallest details could be important. You ask for help, but seem reluctant to provide necessary troubleshooting information. It also does not help that you keep showing examples with different inventory items. That makes it almost impossible to follow your reasoning.

We need to see the Edit screen for the purchase of the remaining 100 units of the 3Pin power cable, as well as the drill-down on the total cost figure for that item, which you say is zero. And, as already asked by @Joe91, show the entire screen, not just a portion.

This is the 2nd Purchase Invoice of the 100 items of the 3pin Power cable 1.8M. - this too long invoice almost of 5 pages - I only screen shut the 1st page. If I have to screenshot page by page , plz let me know.

This is the total cost showing zero

This is also the Drill down of the total cost which shows Empty.

am using Cloud Edition

Please show the edit screen for the item

You continue to show partial screens - it is really important to show the full screen including the headings, etc etc

Well, I think it’s not perfect 'cos in case of the item code 2 - name 2 the Total cost amount is neither the result of multiplying the Average cost by the Qty on hand (245.729,88), nor by the Qty owned (253.176,24). If you divide the Total cost by the Average cost, the result is 203 and not 198 nor 204.