Average and total cost

I forgot how I have done it to get the total cost and average cost displayed at first as shown.

You either purchased items or entered starting balances. You have also entered purchases for which you have not entered goods receipts.

How can I do that?
Please assist how I can go about to get the total cost and average cost display

You are already looking at it.

what do you mean?

I mean your screen shot highlights the exact information you are asking about. So what do you mean?

Well now I understand what you mean. So you can see that the average and total cost is not displaying like the first item. I forgot how I did it at first to get the total and average cost displayed.

You don’t own any of the second item. So there is no average or total cost. When you receive the goods you are awaiting, those numbers will appear. You did nothing to make them appear for the first item. That was automatic.

You need to read the Guides about managing inventory. Your numbers suggest incorrect usage of the program, possibly in several ways.

Thanks Tut, at least I can figure out and understand where and how to go about.
I will be back for assistance if needed.