Average Cost Missing

Have you paid for the purchase invoices? And is your accounting set for cash or accrual basis?

It doesn’t work like that - you have to work through each transaction chronologically

Transaction Type Opening Stock Change Qty Closing Stock Price/unit Change in Value Closing Value Average Value
1 Purchase Invoice 0.00 200.00 200.00 102.00 20400.00 20400.00 102.00
2 Sale 200.00 -1.00 199.00 102.00 -102.00 20298.00 102.00
3 Purchase Invoice 199.00 1.00 200.00 102.00 102.00 20400.00 102.00
4 Production order 200.00 1.00 201.00 120000.00 120000.00 140400.00 698.51
5 Production order 201.00 1.00 202.00 120000.00 120000.00 260400.00 1289.11
6 Sale 202.00 -11.00 191.00 1289.11 -14180.20 246219.80 1289.11
7 Purchase Invoice 191.00 0.75 191.75 102.00 76.50 246296.30 1284.47
8 Purchase Invoice 191.75 0.25 192.00 102.00 25.50 246321.80 1282.93
9 Purchase Invoice 192.00 11.00 203.00 510.31 5613.41 251935.21 1241.06

Both Purchase invoices paid fully.

Please show the FULL screen of the Purchase invoices - in particular the top and the bottom and the Edit screen for the item

I am losing patience trying to drag the information from you - you keep showing bits of what we are asking for but not the full information

I can assure that Manager calculates inventory values correctly using the average cost method

It would seem that there is something wrong with your transactions but with the information provided so far, we are only guessing

As you can see from my example - it is working perfectly

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My example for the item code 2 - name 2 is complicated by the fact that there is an outstanding Production Order - this is why the stock is 203 and not 204 in the costing above.

This is a completely made up example for another purpose altogether so the values are not at all real

I have no idea what you are showing in this sheet. It’s strange that there’s such a big fluctuation in price for the same item. And closing stock on line 9 indicates 203 and not 204 as in your previous inventory items summary.

I had a Production Order with insufficient quantities - here is the corrected values - the values are meaningless as they are for an example I was testing for two different problems.

All of this is a red herring - Burhania needs to show the full screen of the definition of his item and of the two Purchase Invoices before we can make any further comments - there could be something in the Suspense account for all we know

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In summary: all my purchase Invoice costs are not recognized in my system - this is my real issue.

Yes, @Burhania, you told us that in the beginning. You won’t get help until you provide all the information users have asked for. If you are unwilling to do that, I will close the topic.

I think this topic indeed needs to be closed. @Burhania for whatever reason is not responding to any request for more details that would help others to help him. @Mark, @Joe91 and @Tut there is a time to let go and I think this is it. I have been following the discussion and as you all were requesting for more details @Burhania for reasons only know to him kept it vague. We know based on our experience that whatever is perceived as issue/error/problem is mostly not from the Manager application itself but from user error. The user showed no interest to be supported and keeps repeating things over and over again without responding. To stop the agony you should indeed close this topic and any new one raised on the same by @Burhania. Sometimes enough is enough.

I will leave it open for now, allowing @Burhania a chance to respond by providing the requested information or indicating his decision not to.

I wonder has the Inventory on hand account been changed in some way - as it seems his purchase invoices are not been recorded against the inventory items

He claims to be using version whereas the latest version available is -?

Sometimes Cloud version is ahead for a while. I am not using Cloud but in another post @Lubos confirmed this sometimes be the case.

@Tut, i have further examined why my purchases have not been recognized and this is what i have seen:

  1. All my purchase invoices have been Debited to Inventory - cost
    ( an expense a/c or Cogs ). A/p is credited as normal. See this purchase Journal preview:

  1. When I Edit the Purchase Invoice, all inventory items are linked to the normal Inventory On hand a/c as usual. See here:

  2. I Made a Backup of my company and restored to an old Manager Desktop ( ver. ) for test and It worked. See here:

4 ) I am using this Cloud Version:

and my final saying: I believe that this is a forum for all users and Fans of Manager.io. there MUST be a mutual respect before help. @Eko, seems that you have not fully grasped what is being discussed that is why you are rushing for closing my Post. My be I stayed ahead of the curve in terms of using the latest cloud version of which may be the basic misunderstanding b/w me and my assistants.

Indeed, and therefore if you as requestor for assistance do not provide what other users that try to help are repeatedly asking for and in reply to.

In relation to your unfounded statement:

Note that I agreed with:

I could only conclude that respect of our time and support was lacking and therefore better to close the post.

Your answers and showcase of the problem remain vague. How is it possible to use a backup from a newer version of Manager in an older version? As far as I know Manager is not backward compatible. So what you really are showing is some older version that worked and not a backup of the file of the newer version that you then used in an older version. I will no longer spend time on this as I think we are wasting time trying to provide support without clear information or proper replies to requests. Indeed one can not follow the information you provide in a way that we can support you.

The purchase invoices should not be posted to the “Inventory - cost” account. This is posted to when you sell an inventory item

The Purchase Invoices should be posted to “Inventory on Hand”

I think you have messed up your accounts somehow

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I can confirm that the cloud edition is, indeed, one release ahead of desktop at the moment. That does not change the fact that the requested information is still needed for troubleshooting.