Latest version: Theme not apply automatically


I dont know whether you all realize that for the latest version, the theme will not apply automatically to anything like invoice etc. in-built theme (Plain) to be applied first and you will need to switch the theme to the one you wanted to. Anyway to make it automatically applied to all?


I confirm this issue. I’m starting on using custom themes ans was trying out one of those provide in Manager’s website.

I just thougth that was the way it worked. :slight_smile:

FYI, when I installed the latest version, the previous in-built themes are all gone, left on the ‘Plain’ theme; so do i copy the theme provided in the website. However, I need to manually apply to my newly created invoices as well as the other created invoices.

the workflow for themes was changed almost three months back.
read about it here [17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates

The guide doesn’t not mention (at least I don’t see it tho) whether the theme must be changed everytime you print the document or if it stays aplied until further change of the applied theme.

I understand it must be the second way, am I wrong? or is this a bug to be reported?

Whenever it was changed. I simply just update to the latest version last night. I have added a custom theme coding into my theme. What i trying to point out here is, I have to manually switch the theme from “Plain theme” to the custom theme; every single time when i create a new invoice or anything else. Is there anything else to make this custom theme as my default theme so i dont have to manually switch every time a statement is created.

that was not a guide. that was a release note.
the theme is default for every new transaction. you switch the theme manually and Manager remembers the theme for that particular transaction record. for the next transaction Manager switches back to the default theme.

at present, no.
users have requested the admin to have this function though. you can post your concern in the topic i had attached earlier.


I thought it was remembered for each type of transactions not for every inidividual transaction.

Ok, we’ll see if it is possible to have it that way in future releases. :slight_smile:

im new in forum, how do i highlight this issue to admin?

It has been highlighted many times in various topics - so the situation is well known


too well…known. :sweat: