Automatic Refresh

Manager 16.12.14 on W10 64 Bit

When entering data into manager the software is not automatically updating and I have to right click and select refresh to achieve the data update

What exactly do you mean by “the software is not automatically updating?” Manager’s entry screens all have Create or Update buttons (as appropriate to the situation). What do you expect to be “updating” when entering data?

Explanation: When you select either create / update / delete etc. that the ledger accounts are not automatically updated. I am having to right click / refresh for the ledger accounts to reflect the data of the create / update / delete action.

Has this only occurred since doing an update to Ver. 16.12.14 or is this the only edition you have used ?

@KAM, are you using the cloud version or server edition, as opposed to the desktop edition? If so, how are you navigating from the edit screen to whatever ledger you are viewing? Exactly which arrows and/or buttons are you clicking, and in what sequence?

@KAM - If you aren’t using the Desktop edition and you have two screens already opened - say an input screen like Purchase Invoice and a ledger account screen like Telephone, then when you process a Mobile phone bill via Purchase Invoice, yes you will have to refresh the ledger account screen as the screen was opened prior to any new data - which is no different to any other form of web page - they need refreshing to get the latest information available.

Thank you for the responses

I’ve done a little example to illustrate the issue

I set up a new business called Example

I click customise on the opening screen

I put a tick in the Cash Accounts selection box

I click Update and the customise screen closes

But Cash Accounts does not show up on the opening screen

If I right click / select refresh

Then Cash Accounts appears

The same not updating issue happens whether in Sales invoices / Bank etc.

It happened in the previous version I was using which is why I updated

I’ve experienced this behaviour previously which was solved in an update.

I’m not sure whether it’s a operating system / browser issue or Manager issue

Hope that helps to explain

Similarly; I went back to the businesses screen to remove my example

Clicked remove business

Clicked OK to “Are you sure?”

And the Example business was still there until I right clicked and selected refresh

Could you try the latest version (16.12.17)? It could fix the issue if it’s what I think it is.

Fantastic !

Yes, 16.12.17 does appear to have resolved the issue

Thank you