Feature request, Tabs remebering were I was working

It would be nice if the tabs could remember were I was working, if I need to change tabs for something.


I am entering data into an invoice, but then I need to go to the settings tab to make a new account or item but when I go back to the invoice tab I need to start all over. It would be nice if could go back to the invoice tab and just resume my work were I left off.


Open Manager multiple times in your web browser.

  • How to do this varies with operating system, but basically uses your normal method of opening a new browser window or tab in your operating system from any of the links in Manger.

  • Once done you can then use a different window (or browser tab) to go to Managers setting tab or invoice tab.

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I am using the desktop version, not the online one.

depending on your OS, you can open the tabs in your web browser from desktop edition.
in Windows, for example, you can right click any tab and select Open in new window.

Manager is a browser in the desktop edition. It browses the data file on your computer without going on the internet.

Ok yes that works. Thanks

But I still think it would be nice if it could be built into the program.

Ok I tried this but it didn’t exactly work.

I was filling out a payment and needed a new account. So right clicking on the settings tab I opened it in a new page. After going back to my payment the new account did not show up. I had to create the payment then go back and edit it to add the new line with the new account.

That is correct, because you went back to the same page you were previously on. It was not updated from the second window. This is like any other browser behavior.

Yes I understand that, but I think it should be something should be looked into. but if Manager is browser based I am not sure if it is possible.

What i am saying is if the payment tab can be updated after saving the new account.

@Ben7230, right click and refresh worked for me. Once I added info in the ‘other’ tab I went back to the open payment tab, refreshed the open edit screen and the new account was there.

Ok, thanks, yes that worked.

For me this is a work around for the problem,and not an actual solution to the problem. It would be nice if this feature got added to future versions.