Automatic Reference for Batch Created Transaction

I have struggled with this for a while and almost gave up on automatic numbering of batch created transactions.

Previously I used to import the whole table which included AutomaticReference column set to True as well as Reference column left blank like so: (I have left out irrelevant columns for brevity)

The result is that the transaction has no reference numbers like so:

Then when you edit the transaction manually, the reference box is checked and it gets assigned an automatic reference on update.

I then started manually numbering the transactions, which was quicker than manually editing every transaction but it wasn’t as good as system enforced automatic numbers (especially when there were hidden transactions or alphanumeric references) it became too complicated.

Could we please have the transactions assigned with auto references during the batch creation process because that would be really great.

Implemented in the latest version (22.1.12)


Thanks a lot @lubos :slightly_smiling_face: