Recurring Payslips Auto Reference Number Not Generated

I have set up Auto Reference No for Payslips. If I use payslip direct auto reference no will be generated automatically. but if recurring payslip generated the system will not generated the reference no.

I don’t know if this is bug or I have to do it manually for recurring entries

the payslip which start with 3000000 done manually others done through recurring payslip


since the system generating auto reference no for recurring sales invoices in both cases if it is done on the due dated or after the due date I would suggest the same should apply for recurring payslip.

I have just made a test recurring sales invoice is was generated the Ref No even after the due date. therefore, May I request if possible apply the same to recurring payslip


the reference no in recurring sales invoice generated without repeating or duplicating one reference to other voucher

You are correct. I had not noticed this difference in behavior before. It may be related to the fact that Form Defaults for payslips includes no reference field at all. I will invite @lubos to have a look.

It does seem that if it can happen for invoices it should be possible for payslips.

many thanks

@lubos can you please have a look to this subject.

it would be appreciated if you could add the auto numbering in recurring payslip

@lubos can you please fix the auto numbering when recurring payslip used

@lubos please consider adding the Auto Reference to Recurring Payslips as it is added in Sales invoice so we could set the form default same as sales invoices recurring

Automatic numbering of payslips generated by recurring payslips works for me.

What is missing is the reference number field in form defaults for recurring payslips, so we can’t set automatic numbering as the default. In contrast with ordinary payslips form defaults shows this field so it can be set to default to automatic numbering.

The work around is to go to the edit screen when a new payslip is created via a setup recurring payslip. In the payslip edit screen the automatic check box can be selected, resulting in that payslip having an automatically generated number.

@lubos is this by design or were you intending to add reference number field to form defaults for recurring payslips?

This issue is bigger than just reference number.

There is another topic under bugs category. See:

Basically, all fields on regular transactions should be available in recurring transactions. When this is fixed, this will be resolved as a result. I’m working on it.