Automatic Payment to supplier

OK - click on the balance 2069.15

ok then?

What do see? I can’t work blind.
Is there any payments for that amount?

Actually 2069.15 is unpaid purchase invoice. if i delete this purchase invoice, the same problem occur.

i am planning to delete the said purchase invoice and but the system not allow me to delete it.

Forget about the invoices, there is a problem with your payments with this supplier.
By any chance do the 4 invoices that you mentioned earlier - add up to 2069.15.

When you Spend Money to pay a Suppliers invoice do you use Accounts Payable + Invoice number or do you use Supplier Credits + Supplier.

You can’t delete paid invoices - Starting from the latest payment working back edit each one.
My suspicion is that there is possibly a duplicate payment - does the bank account reconcile

In fact you could delete each payment from the latest until the automatic payment disappears.

From your first screenshot at the top, the transaction using the automatic payment using available credit, click on the view button then post a screenshot of the credit allocation statement.
This will show all invoices affected by the credit applied.
Then try clicking on The blue amount at the top which will bring you to the offending transaction (hopefully)!

Actually, your first screenshot shows 2069.15 but your second screenshot shows 2323.45, so perhaps the total of the automatic payments is 4392.60 or is it two separate cases.

Also screenshot 1 is dated 17/05/2016 while screenshot 2 is 18/12/2015 - quite a gap.
Your solution is in the analysis of the payments.
Without seeing the suppliers individual transactions, its difficult to assist you further.

i am still pending for this problems. Anyone can help me on this?

Generate Supplier Statement which will show all transactions related to this supplier. This will explain where the supplier credit came from.

@lubos - this was tried earlier and @ykfoo2323 respond with “just showed the latest unpaid purchase invoice” but no screenshot to support that. Go to post 12 to 15.

Apparently the Supplier Statement its not displaying all transactions. By deleting payments backwards @ykfoo2323 should have been able to resolve this issue but there has been no progress.

Its got to the point where you possibly will need to receive the data file - nothing else is working.

He can create supplier statement with list of transactions, he just needs to enter some date into From field.

Another option is to go to Suppliers tab and click on the figure (or dash symbol) under Supplier credits column which will give him general ledger for supplier credits for that supplier.

@ykfoo2323, can you do what @lubos suggests above. For the Supplier Statement “From” date use 01/12/15 and post screenshots of the results.