Enable Cursor to populate search field automatically

Manager idea… when clicking on tabs where there is a search field please can the cursor automatically populate the search field by default …. For example on inventory items tab search field automatically has cursor.

Hi @compuit
Please demonstrate what you mean

I think @compuit is requesting for search function same as that is in business(first landing page) page in manager, where user can straight away start typing business name, without having to point & click on search field, which inturn also filters out other unnecessary business names…
Similar function would be very beneficial for tabs like inventory item, where user can straight away start typing item name & get the desired list of items & details, instead of first taking the cursor to search field, then typing item name& then again clicking on search button

OK the thinking here is really simple but we believe it will be a step towards improving the switching / navigating between mouse and keyboard.
For example with Inventory … After clicking the inventory tab what is the first thing you are going to do? Look for something, check if item exists, then modify or create new if needed. So generally the first thing you are going to do is search. If the Cursor defaulted to the search box you can simply start typing the item name or whatever. You will not have to aim the mouse cursor into the Search Box then click then start typing.

The same will apply to the invoice tab or any tab where a “Search Box” is found. This thought was brought to my attention by the Crew using Manager at the “coal face”.

The use case :

  1. A more fluid use of the Manager Interface
  2. Speed to find the desired item
  3. Happier Crew


This is a nice feature I didn’t know I needed. You can create an extension with this line below and allow it to run everywhere.

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Hi BawarYassin Extensions are set to become obsolete, however as a matter of interest I did try what you suggested under obsolete ==> extensions but it made no change to cursor behaviour. :expressionless:

I think if this becomes a consideration it will probably be a developer thing…

I agree this should be considered by the developer but this is just a workaround till that happens.
I’m on the latest version for desktop and it worked fine. maybe try this one:

window.onload = function() {

edit: accounting for loading time.


We are using the Server Version with a similar result, no go. I also stopped and restarted Manager after setting extension - no joy. Cheers.

Well, it works in the test business in server edition v23.5.2.815



Mark we are using Ubuntu Server and the same Version … Below is what I added to the Extensions. Also tried three browsers, Firefox, Chromium & Chrome. Maybe a Linux thing?

I got the Server rebooted just in case - No Joy.

Anyway I thank you BawarYassin and Mark for the input. I hope it becomes something that will work in all environments.

It is working in cloud version,

It makes more sense now, I guess this could be possible for implementation, However, this might conflict with the accessibility requirements for visually impaired users – since those expect the navigation to be the first item in focus.

Extensions could be a good temporary workaround.

While @BawarYassin extension is a great temporary workaround, search bar still does not function in same way as the pre built search function does in business name page, where as soon as you start typing required business name, only the matching names are suggested without having to click search or enter.
If one wants to see multiple items simultaneously, it would be lot more easier if he could just backspace and start typing another item name once his work with previous search result is finished.