Auto numbering for payments, receipt, credit notes, and journals

Possible to enable auto numbering on Payments, receipts, credit notes, and journals?

If this is done, it should be optional. There are times when things are necessarily entered out of sequence, such as when waiting for a foreign credit card transaction to be cleared in base currency (without desiring to enable multiple currencies). There might also be users who want to use the Reference field for other things, such as bank-issued confirmation numbers.

@Tut yes I agree, currently I add cheque numbers to the reference e.g. PMT1600056\003367 with \003367 as the cheque number. The way out is to enable custom field that has ‘Show Field as a Column’ for all of them so that it could take care of items like bank issued confirmation numbers and cheque numbers etc

Is it possible for auto numbering can be turned on? if so how? Thanks

No. Where it exists, such as for numbering sales invoices, it is automatic. If it doesn’t happen, it is not available for that particular transaction type.