Attachment Problem

I try today to attach file to purchase invoice size 4 MB then the size of the folder of of manager increased but the problem is when I remove attachment 4 MB form the purchase invoice the size of the folder size not reduced

This is not a bug and does in any way affect operation of the program. It is related to when compression of the database occurs.

Why when remove the attachment, the size of the folder not reduced?

Because the programme doesn’t include any file reduction processes.
The space is left available for the next transactions & attachments.
If you must reduce the file size, I understand that doing a backup will cause this to occur.

I assume that the file is still stored in the Manager database, it’s just soft-deleted or not linked to a folder / invoice / etc any more. That would explain why the file size of the business remains unchanged. Internally, Manager is a web application with a database backend - even in Desktop Edition.

You can test @Brucanna’s suggestion. Do a backup of the business, then import that backup. Does the file size lower by 4 MB? Please let us know your experience with this.

This has been explained in the past as the contents being deleted but the SQL database being left at the original size, not a soft delete. When a backup is made, the VACUUM command is run.

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Thanks for clarifying that. It looks like VACUUM is a SQLite quirk - I’m more familiar with MySQL, and to a much lesser extent PostreSQL.

For those that are interested in reading more:

The latest version ( 18.9.32) is removing VACUUM command from backup process. Mostly because on very large databases (1+ GB) it takes too long.

I’ve put VACUUM command on Businesses screen and it will run when clicking on database size. I think that’s more elegant anyway.

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