Folders Tab - Attachment Increase Size Request

Comment Lubos made a while back. Could not find it again though but pasted in here… “The attachments were introduced before switching to SQLite so the limits were lower. I’ve increased the limit to 10 MB in the latest version (17.4.31).”

Any chance the limit can be extended to say 50Mb for the Folders Tab please? We have some pretty rich proposal documents / PDFs.

Can you clarify what you are referring to? Version of what? Size limits of what?

Refer to current Version … we are using 20.9.50 … under the “Folders Tab” you have the ability to create as Manager terms it “Folders”.

In that “Folders” window you can create an entry, description and Notes. Now you can also upload a file or Multi files under each entry.

However there appears to be a limit of maybe 10Mb.

  • I am asking for the upload / Attachment size limit to allow at least a 50Mb file.
  • Please do not talk about bloat.

There is no message saying size exceeded limit or too large or unable to complete. The upload process appears to work as normal but file does not appear as an attachment. Should you try a smaller file it works / uploads OK and appears with the rest of the attachments.

I don’t mind removing the limit altogether but not yet. There are still some implications I need to deal with first. So I’ll put this into ideas category to keep track of this.

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The limit 10 MB has been lifted in the latest version (20.10.47). It also shows progress indicator when uploading attachments.