Assigned customers sold item

is there is a way to assigned sold item under customer name?
to be able to follow inventory item that sold to specific customer

If you use invoices, then yes
If you are using cash sales, then not readily

@Joe91 I try custom reports but its not linking customers with sales inventory items. its only show amounts not inventory codes

Your last post is not clear - undoubtedly, you know exactly what you are talking about but I am in the dark

The easiest way to explain what you have done is to post the edit screen for the custom report and the edit screen for one of the transactions you are trying to capture in the report

@Joe91 I want to link sold items to customers in custom report, but it not show the customer name, did I missing something?

I think this one of the links that is not exposed for custom reports

The individual invoice line items can not be linked back to the customer in the Invoice Header


thank you @Joe91. but what should I do if I want to track the sold items to the customer via a report?
it’s not making sense to track all customer sales invoices items one by one!!!

is there is a solution ?

same issue for supplier. if I just want to know what items that I bought from specific supplier without go back to purchased invoices and refuting them one by one.

our inventory items its unique. so we need to go back and check what kind of items that customer has bought from us . and same for supplier

No solution as far as I know

Custom reports are going to have major improvements by end of this month and this will be (among other things) finally possible.


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great news from great @lubos

woot woot!!!

Ok, I’ve been struggling away today with this, perhaps I will move onto other things for now :slight_smile: