IRD now want a separate fixed asset report

OK with all the nz IRD updates they now want us to list each asset , dep rate, cost, opening accumulated dep,this years depreciation, closing value. So I thought a custom report would do it but I dont seem to have it right
this what I have but it does not show anything but the date and the asset list does not show depreciation rate

can some one help me with the custom report I am not to good at how they work

What a nightmare the new system is they want all details split to husband and wife if a rental it used to be just totals but now you have to name each individual expenses and now we have to split everything in fixed assets.
So I now have to do a manager file for each and double the data entry or export to excel and split which is easier except when it comes to the fixed asset schedule

It Is not clear what you need to obtain. You are using a where filter in improper way (or better by leaving them empty you are not using them at all). Please provide more details.

I need an asset report that shows asset Name , dep rate, cost of asset, opening accumulated dep, this years depreciation, closing value.

The only information stored in Manager is the Fixed Asset name, the cost, opening depreciation, this year’s depreciation and the closing value

If you want to store the depreciation rate you need a custom field - or include the rate in the Fixed Asset name eg Freehold Land & Building 5%

The Fixed Asset Summary report has all the accounting information bar the acquisition cost - but this is available in the Fixed Asset list

I suspect that you will have to generate the report outside Manager using Excel

That is not true any more. Depreciation rate was added many months ago to support automatic depreciation calculation worksheets.

Sorry, I’d forgotten that as I don’t use the Declining Balance method

correct Tut. That is the main reason I am trying to do a custom report so I can get the rate as well

The thing is, the rate is not going to be part of any general ledger transaction. It’s part of the setup of the asset.

Yes I understand what you are saying . I did see rate in the custom report dropdowns so thought I could use it. What a bother IRD is .Oh well whats extra hours spent trying to sort it out well enough to give to them

Or you could create tracking codes, one for each party.
So you maintain the one manager file but just split the accounting entry to suit:

Now you can report the whole rental or just one party’s share.
With regards to fixed assets / depreciation schedule - use one of the standard excel templates.

Yes will have to do that, The painful thing is I now have to split all the transactions they give me never mind no getting round that unless I do it in the csv file first ummm might have a look at that