Are there alerts that would warm me about overdue invoices or past due payments?


Is there a way I can set Manager to give alert me when I have overdue invoices or past-due vendor payments?

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No, Manager does not do any automation for good reasons, and this has been extensively discussed in this forum (search for it). The way to know if an invoice is overdue is by looking at the status column when opening the invoice tab.

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@eko Thank you for your answer! I will take that into consideration!

I have a different interpretation from @eko. And your question, @Lex_M is not the same as your subject. Your subject asks about alerts. If, by that, you mean beeping warnings or pop-up messages, @eko is correct.

But your post asks about setting Manager to alert you. Those are not the same. The answer to your actual question is to select the Status column with the Edit Columns feature. The default tab listings will then highlight overdue and coming due invoices through the built-in sorting algorithms.

This is much more convenient and comprehensive than a pop-up for a single invoice. And that is increasingly important as the number of invoices grows.


Not sure where we differ. I also indicated:

We differ only because you opened your response with a “no,” initially emphasizing what the program does not do. I was trying to show that @Lex_M’s post and subject were asking different questions and that the program can furnish more information than the opening post seemed to envision. I’ve edited my post to try to make that clearer.

I certainly do not disagree with anything you said. And I explicitly wrote that you were correct, as far as your answer went. (There is a good chance you responded to what @Lex_M meant. I hope I conveyed that there is more to the issue.) You and I are absolutely on the same page.

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