Alert on outstanding account at point of Sales Order & Invoice creation

Is there a way that a user can be alerted at the point of constructing a Sales Order, Quote or Invoice for a Customer in Manager that has an outstanding account?

I am interested in seamless ways Manager users handle such situations. In our case staff still generate Sales Orders etc for customers who should be stopped in their tracks at first point of contact because there is no immediate or obvious overdue indicator.

  • Separately checking Customer status is cumbersome. OK for accounts office but not customer facing staff.
  • Making the customer “Inactive” is not ideal.
  • Having a real time alert may help with aged accounts right away with the customer in person
  • I feel strongly this alert component can solve some customer issues and improve cash flow in small businesses

What I think would make sense and what I would like is for Manager to email overdue reminders, which a few other accounting programs do. I have found an automated email reminder seems to be a very effective way to chase up late paying clients without actually seeming pushy.

Would it not be better to get Manager to push late payers, rather than warn users if accounts are outstanding?

I do not know how often posts have been made that make clear that Manager does not do any automation, i.e. it does not use scheduler, cronjob, etc. So no automatic emails, alerts, etc. So better just to review your standard operational procedures.

There is no automation, but if you have an ongoing problem your back-office staff can use HTML to create an overdue indicator for the rest of the staff. They don’t need to know coding, just how to copy and paste a small code to the front of a customer’s name.

For example this code will display a customer’s name in a bold red font:
<div style= “font-weight: bold; color: #ff0000”>

Paste the code in front of a delinquent customer’s name:

to produce:

When the customer-facing staff start a sales quote, order, or invoice they will see delinquent customers as in this example:

A couple of things for you to consider are that the code will cause the customer’s name to appear in red almost everywhere in Manager; and in any list that is sorted alphabetically by customer name, customers with the code will float to the top of the list as in the above example.

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dcVest This is really a great outcome but not ideal having to modify a customer name in this way. Reversing / removing the code when all OK again is clumsy.
I hope this principle it could become part of Manager at some point with a tick box or similar. Fantastic idea though as this will be so obvious to the crew and nail these suckers.