Applying credit instead of overpaid

Is there any way of applying credit instead of having an OVERPAID on the invoice???

Upgrade to the latest version which is automatically applying overpayments to the next invoice.

Thanks that’s great!!!
And is it possible to have the amount of credit customers have shown on the invoices?

Any news on this??? I have a waste services business and some of my customers pay in advance. I know I can apply credit but the amount of credit left doesn’t show up on the invoice.

Is it possible to have this set up?

Customer credits are not associated with specific invoices, because the invoices do not exist when the credit is accrued. I think the best way to handle what you want is with customer statements under Reports tab.

I have just noticed that when receiving a payment if i don’t allocate a invoice number to a payment (i do this as my customers pay in advance for my service and i need it in the system as a credit) it auto allocates to an invoice that has already been paid years ago. The main problem i have with this is it’s allocating to invoices i created before i was registered for GST therefore in tax transactions i have a list of payments that dont have gst when they should. How do i fix this please???

sounds like we are seeing the same thing

@Tut @lubos IS this a bug created recently in the newer versions as i suggested in my post?

@hughie, could you check the latest version ( 19.1.38) ?

Yes 19.1.38

any word on this??

@hugh, you were asked to check whether version 19.1.38 (now superseded several times to version 19.2.3) fixed the problem. You were not asked to confirm what version you were using.