Invoice Overpayments

I am running the latest version of Manager and find that Invoice overpayments are not being carried forward to the next invoice.

Can you advise please.

please explain your situation better.
do you mean the available customer credit does not automatically reduce the balance due when creating a new invoice?

The details for this change are here, it was a recent update (17.9.28):

If you don’t want this behaviour, simply do not select an invoice when you are recording a payment from the customer.

The invoice field is optional, and leaving it blank reverts to the existing way of doing things where payments are automatically allocated (from oldest invoice first).

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ShaneAU, Many thanks. Leaving the invoice field blank works a treat.


So, do you just go into Bank Transactions, Click on New Transaction, Click on Receive Money and not assign the invoice? Or do you go into Sales Invoices and delete the what’s in the invoice field before receiving or entering the payment amount?


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Thank you!

Okay, I did that and it didn’t automatically pay off the outstanding invoices for the client… it just shows a deposit without assigning the money to any of the existing invoices (3 of them). What am I missing? Do I have to go into each invoice and assign the payment?

@Jim, you never actually described your problem. You tagged onto a discussion of someone else’s problem. Nor did you specifically describe what action you took that resulted in your statement “…it just shows a deposit….” Can I ask you to go back to the beginning and state specifically what your problem is and what you did?

For example, you’ve never said what account you are posting your receipt to. Your problem is not a difficult one, but the corrective actions depend on the precise situation. And, by the way, have you read these Guides:

They will give you some insights about the issue and may point you towards a solution.

My original problem was with clients overpaying and then automatically assigning those payments to future invoices. Now I realize that’s changed… but I wasn’t sure how to deposit for - let’s say $200, and apply that to 100 in past due and 100 in future invoices. What’s the easiest way to do this?

I’ll read through the links you posted.

I see… the first link explains it perfectly with the screen capture.