Bulk invoice payment assigning backwards?


Previously I always assigned all purchase order payments to an individual Invoice.
As the business grew and an increasing number of invoices were being processed each month we switched methods to pay 1 amount choosing acc payable account to pay the invoices with the oldest due dates first. This seemed to be working well but we have discovered an issue right on the change over date of the 2 methods.

When making a bulk payment the payment is automatically assigned to the oldest unassigned invoice and the oldest payment is bumped up to the newest invoice. In other words it appears to be assigning them backwards.

For example in February 2018 we started the new method, and then when we made march 2018 payment it was assigned to the February invoices and the February payment was assigned to the march invoices… this pattern continued until only just discovered as all the balances were correct despite the incorrect dates of payment.

@lubos Once a payment is made surely the system should not allow it jump around like this? I suppose not if you want the payment to cover multiple invoices it needs to be floating.

Can anyone assist?

Upon digging deeper it seems the same behaviour is happening with Debit notes as well

@lubos Not related to the changes made here is it?

@joelp, could you check the latest version ( 19.1.38) ?

@lubos Looks ok now.

Thank you.