Application Data Path using MacBook Pro causes inability to access data

Using: Manager 15.1.77
Macbook Pro: OSX 10.8.5 - Mountain Lion
Problem: When exiting Manager for the first time I Changed Data Path to: /users/myname/desktop/meadowbrook financials

When reopening Manager the “Businesses” are a series of “digits”. If you try to open any of them, all balances are ZERO.

Tried a fix which I picked up on the Forum to change the permissions for Everyone to “Read & Write”. This worked the first time.

Tried to work on manager today and once again, cannot access the businesses.

This seems to be a Mac specific problem, but it is causing real problems.

The Directory I have used has all the files in it.

Need to resolve urgently if we can.

When you say you cannot access businesses again. Do you get any error message? What do you see?