Appimage works great, but


I do not know if this a limitation of appimage but compared to the windows and mac versions I cannot multitask by opening a new window/tab. With the windows and mac versions I can have different windows open for purchases, sales, inventory etc. Unfortunately with the linux version I can’t

If that is true—and I don’t know if it is—it is a feature of the operating system, not Manager. The ability to open multiple windows on other operating systems depends entirely on the operating system. Incidentally, as you apparently know by having done so on two different operating systems, the techniques for opening multiple windows vary between operating systems.

The thing is, I think it is a limitation of appimage. @lubos following the forums posts, the whole point of appimage was to make it easier to use it on different linux distros as it includes all the dependencies needed to run. Even though there is a appimage available it doesn’t work on all distros (eg. Solus) and tested only to work with ubuntu and fedora, these distros previously had .deb and .rpm package which you could install why not just provide that again? Currently there is no way for me to test if i installed a .deb if i would have the same issues I am having with the appimage as there is NO .deb of available anymore.

The program is the same, regardless of operating system. The app image is just a distribution method.

Yes i know that, but currently comparing to the mac os / windows versions the linux version is the only one i cannot open separate tabs/windows it could either be a “bug” or a limitation of appimage as it is seperated from the os and unfortunately i cannot just download a .deb from anywhere to say that it is a linux issue or not.

Well, it isn’t a program bug.

This is done by copying a link or opening a link in a new browser window. The details of how to do this varies with exactly which browser is used with the standalone version of Manager (which is different for each operating system).

As I have not installed the standalone linux version, sorry I cannot help you more

Manager used to be available as deb and rpm package at Could Manager please be available as a deb file once again?

Programs with deb files are easy to install, and update, with Linux Mint.

What do you think?

Thank you

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I tested it on windows, you open the manager app and if you right click on a link (eg. inventory) then it opens the default browser with that link. I suspect that the appimage being “isolated” from the system it does not know what to do with the link.

The details of how to open a new window in Manager desktop varies with operating system. On a mac you

In all cases what you are actually trying to find out is what port number is used for the current invocation of Manager (as all other parts of the URL are constant).

It is possible an appimage has greater process isolation than all other implementation. To prove that we would need to find the linux desktop URL and show it doesn’t work, yet the old linux desktop implementation it does work