Manager 19.9.46 Linux version

when I try to download the linux version of manager, I get a Manager.AppImage named file. It has always been Manager.deb.
windows version does download as Manager.msi .

what has happened to get this change?

just in case, I use Firefox Web browser on Ubuntu 18.04 operating system. I don’t think anything has changed there but…

Instead of packaging DEB for Ubuntu and RPM for Fedora, we are now distributing AppImage which works on both distros out of the box. Here are instructions how to use these files:


Ok, so this means that it no longer installs. It is just an
executable. Is that correct.


Just to confirm, server edition has not changed? I just updated and didn’t see any issue there, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Thank you, appreciate the responses.

Also suggestion, put a check such as sha check number or md5
check on the website for download security purposes.

PS, really like the software.

Maybe one of these days I will be good enough to understand the
software fully.

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correct, it is just the linux desktop version is no longer a .deb file, it is an AppImage and executable as is. Server remains unchanged.

Hi Lubos,

I am afraid that changing to AppImage may prove to be a problem. I (as many others in the Linux community) prefer the security of >Deb install files over AppImage. I hope that it doesnt drive users away.


I don’t quite follow you. The changes to appimage came from issues regarding multiple linux distros that have different dependencies that causes installation experience unpleasent. You only need to set appimage as executeables and double click to run the program out of the box.