Idea for Linux edition to be offered as AppImage

I would like to offer pack Manager in form of AppImage as this would solve a lot of problems (single package for ALL linux versions and distros, no debs, rpms, tgz etc.).

AppImage is single self contained file with all required dependencies, it doesn’t interact with system files, so there will be no broken dependencies.

I highly recommend AppImage, it is easy to pack and does not require subsystem module to be installed and (unlike snaps & flatpacks).


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Not familiar with appimage. what is the consequences as in methodology of interacting with manager within appimage? forgive my inadequate knowledge. Not open source os user by the way.

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If AppImage is to include all dependencies, how big are resulting binaries? Manager itself is quite small but it has some beefy dependencies on Linux.

libc6 (>= 2.14):105.0 KiB
mono-runtime: 74.0 KiB
libmono-system-xaml4.0-cil:74.0 KiB
mono-devel: 9.6 MiB
libgtk2.0-cil-dev: 9.6 MiB
libwebkit1.1-cil: 74.0 KiB

and Manager itself

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Did anything happen in this area? Is this something that is practical ?

I could not find any more mentions of this idea in the Manager forum?

Hi, I am giving this a bump since I prefer Solus as my linux distro of choice. Especially for the speed on Intel machines. Nevertheless, AppImage’s are compressed, so a lot smaller then say I full distro in a Docker image from which I tried to run the manager-desktop. That is a 1GB image itself.

Trying to run the binary from the ubuntu source tar is another issue. So my vote for an AppImage. A snap package could work too, but has been giving me issues regularly.

Perhaps someone has the golden tip to get the source package for Ubuntu running on Solus?

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I spent yesterday looking into AppImage.

It looks promising. I like what I see…

Unfortunately, as it stands now, the whole dependency tree + Manager is about 109 MB. I suspect a lot of dependencies don’t have to be in AppImage - it’s about figuring which ones to exclude but even then, I don’t think download size would go below 60 MB. Perhaps that wouldn’t be an issue for self-contained app. Electron-based apps are more than that.

How about docker? There is already a distribution of Manager, written by myself, which I’ve been using for more than three years without any issue. Search by devishian

docker components in desktop environment I presumed itself is heavy for windows. not sure about the linux.

I’m still using your docker image, davide. love it.

I glad that you are working on it. Good luck :wink:

Solus Os also supports Flatpak mainly. So whether a appimage or Flatpak will definitely help other distro users to adopt Manager Accounting. For me it is my main accounting software & Solus Os is my main Os. Without native support for a Solus package i’m running Manager in a virtual box with Peppermint Os. And the only app I use on that virtual box is Manager Accounting. If this is implemented this will help not only Solus Os users but a lot of other distro users. Hope the developers take this seriously.

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And… Someone will be benefit from this.

I’m curious. Since you are using virtualbox. Have you tried docker? Run Manager server docker image.

Have never used docker before so I would like to try. If I can get a step by step how to guide then I can give it a shot.

PS: I don’t know where to begin when it comes to docker.

I have to admit I am the same, I never understood docker enough to get shares right and putting it all together. I have the space and cpu resources, so for me, a VM with a vanilla linux server, mono and manager is easier. I log in periodically and update it, and take suitable snapshots. I haven’t looked at docker for a very long time. But I go by the old adage, “don’t fix what ain’t broke” LOL

At least with a VM, an update and an upgrade will take care of everything for me.

I’ll have to investigate what @Davide put together. How does one manage the underlying machine? ie caddy, mono, gtk and webkit etc?

Anyway, I won’t hijack this thread anymore than that. AppImage looks good, let’s see how that goes.

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You can try run open media vault which is based on debian 9 stretch stable. then install docker plugin. There is someone if I remember correctly ‘techno dad life’ (search on youtube) giving a lot of guide how use open media vault especially docker seriously I learn a lot. If your solus os can install docker. then You most likely need portainer to have gui to handle docker easily.

Docker by concept have similar fundamental to appimage. packaging depedencies and app which isolate to disallow other app to ride on the same said dependencies to have their own environment (resource efficient than virtualbox itself since you only need the app run not the whole os).

The huge gap between appimage and docker is that docker are made to scale for hosting if I understood correctly.

as long it works for our own. anything goes. My server (old desktop with 6 gb ram and 2x 1tb hdd with low powered amd apu which pretty much snail running on windows 10 os ended being nas server ahahah)

@Davide and mike already place docker image on dockerhub.

On the sidenote you can however partition the hard drives and make a dual boot os.

Which I assume is the one with the most downloads here

s6s8/ : mike’s

devishian/ : davide’s

Mprokopov was one of earliest docker image available and was made by one of users here in the forum. But later was not maintain anymore.