API using excel

Dear @lubos, I was trying to access the API page using excel as follows:

But after inputting credentials I keep getting this error message:

Is there something more that I should do to get excel to log in to the api page?

Note: I am using an administrator account and use the password saved in my wallet.

I made some experiments with Excel and manager last summer. Working with the old APIs is completely impractical. It would be better to have an additional different authentication system throughout the whole software in order to allow Excel to get data through webtables.

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Finally got it ro work. I logged in using chrome and in the console of chrome >> network you will get the key after login. I used it in the authentication without the β€œ==” at the end and it worked.

Can you post some screenshots?

Here are the steps:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Not really sure about the β€œ==” at the end of authorization, last time I kept it and worked, you may have to experiment.

Step 5. Success!

Then you need to write your code to navigate through the api and retrieve data using power query code.

That’s up to where I got this summer. The problem is that what you get is completely useless since each JSON report points to a single record and not to a whole table of records.

I am working on it and if I get it to work I am going to share the code, but nothing is certain.